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Original post by: Naho


If after 2 minutes since powering up your Yo-Yo device you have not seen 3 blue blinks, check your WiFi Networks to check if your device has re-entered set up mode. This usually means there is an issue with the WiFi network.

* YoYo Devices can only connect to WiFi networks with a SSID (Wifi Name) length of 31 characters or less. We are looking into fixing this in the future, but currently we ask you to ensure your WiFi SSID is shorter than 32 characters.[br]

* Otherwise, this could be either a networking issue or an issue with the WiFi credentials. Please check that your wifi details are correct (these are case sensitive)[br]

* Make sure your Yo-Yo device is in range of your Wifi Network. Some issues with connection can happen if the device is too far out of range. If this is the case, the internal blue led will turn on constantly. When the device is back in range, the blue light will go out.