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Original post by: Fidelis ,


We had a similar fault on our boards: [br]

When we plugged them in, they started, like intended, by using the PIR Sensor but ran then continuous. [br]

With only one PIR Sensor in the whole System it worked flawlessly to activate the fan on the second board. [br]

Unfortunately with both PIR Sensors in the System it seemed like the second PIR Sensor was allways triggered, when the fan on the same board goes on, thus creating an infinite loop. [br]

I don’t exactly know, what causes this.[br]



We solved this problem, by putting at least one different PIR sensor in the System (a cheap adjustable one). Now everything runs completely fine and we  are also able to increase the time the fan is active up to 5 more minutes thanks to the Potentiometer on the new PIR sensors.