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ESP32S board Main Image

ESP32S board

The ESP32S is a low-cost microcontroller that should cost around £12 a pair. It is worth noting that there are a few variations of the ESP32S board. If you do not order from the suggested suppliers below, make sure you buy the version with the on board LEDs as indicated in the picture here, as some boards do not these. Both types will work, but the software uses the LED lights to confirm network activity and this feature is very useful when configuring the devices. In addition, almost all come with pre-soldered header pins on the edges that are used to plug into the breadboard, but it’s best to check with the supplier description that they do.

Type Part # Supplier URL
Electronics ESP32S Amazon UK
Electronics ESP32S Amazon UK
Electronics ESP32S eBay UK
Electronics ESP32S Amazon NL
Electronics ESP32S Amazon USA
Electronics ESP32S Amazon Canada

The above list of UK and global retailers is supplied for information only. We do not endorse any particular supplier and would always recommend that you shop around for the best value.