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Speed Dial

Speed Dial is like a mood barometer that you share with a friend or family member. Move the pointer to indicate your choice from a set of options, and your partner can respond with theirs. Speed Dial devices are connected in pairs. To use them, agree on a dial backing with your partner to mount on your devices. Then use the capacitive touch controller to select one of the options, your choice will be sent over the internet and your partner’s device will point to the same option. You can change your dials to play with new options and keep things fresh. What will your Speed Dials look like? Different dials give different options -- use one of ours or make your own, you can be as serious or silly as you want.

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Share your Speed Dial!

Share your ideas for making and enclosing your Speed Dial here.

Whether you’ve followed one of our enclosure guides or made your own, we’d love to see it. What kind of material and enclosure works best? What problems have you had?

And where have you set up your Speed Dial? What kind of dial did you choose? We’d love to know!

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A pair of Speed Dial for children to share with each other what they are doing. They were fun to make and the instructions were generally very good with plenty of good pictures.

We found that the ‘home’ positions of the motors was not in the left most section but instead in the right most section (this is as the motors first movements were anti-clockwise after switch on). Not sure if we somehow did something wrong?

In the ‘Dial Mini enclosure’ the alignment of the arrow/pointer was a bit off so we trimmed the centre of the dial to sit lower, then the centre of the motor was better aligned.

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