Speed Dial is like a mood barometer that you share with a friend or family member. Move the pointer to indicate your choice from a set of options, and your partner can respond with theirs. Speed Dial devices are connected in pairs. To use them, agree on a dial backing with your partner to mount on your devices. Then use the capacitive touch controller to select one of the options, your choice will be sent over the internet and your partner’s device will point to the same option. You can change your dials to play with new options and keep things fresh. What will your Speed Dials look like? Different dials give different options -- use one of ours or make your own, you can be as serious or silly as you want.

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Servos are going crazy!

Connected to wifi and pressing boot on one lights up the blue LED on the other.

But on connecting the servos they go round at high speed! When I touch the wire on one, it changes to medium speed, then if I touch again to lower speed, then if I touch again - to jittery ticking seemingly with a mind of its own! After a minute or so, the jitter stops. This get transmitted to the other device so the other servo does the same, but not the other way round!

Any ideas?

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After further experimenting, I suspect that one of my ESP32S is not functioning correctly.

I tried the “Light touch” build and one of the devices causes the LEDs to both blink and flicker in a random kind of way similar to the jittery servos. The other one seems to work ok and I can send signals from the “jittery” ESP32S to the other (the cap touch wire works but there is no feedback of the sent colour as the ‘send’ LED is flickering). I believe the signals are received in the reverse direction (the onboard blue LED works in this way), but the LEDs give no clues!

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I found that powering the servo from a separate supply helped reduce the jittering

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